Monday, September 29, 2008

Mad for it.

So, here are a few things that help to depict what pleases my eyes. I can get quite carried away by symmetry and well managed topiary.
Horses are equal to God in my mind. Not that I am a dedicated follower of the man or JC but the beauty and form that horses take are not too far from perfection in my minds eye.
I am not one for cutesie things but I just can't seem to stop browsing for cute dog images. And hell there sure are a whole heap of them out there!!
Zebras are also an obsession of mine. One of many. I guess it makes since as they encompass symmetry and the horse all in a neat black and white package.

Then there are the Greys. Now these animals really were at the front of the queue when perfection, elegance and poise were being handed out to the dog world. These couch potatoes are an endless source of love and humor to there owners and admirers. I am lucky enough to have one who right now is curled up on the only piece of designer furniture that I own. If she wasn't there it would be my bed that she would be occupying or stretched out in the sun.

Now this one does need some explaining! Gardening has become a major part in my life over the last 5 years. It combines many disciplines that I was seriously laking in and provides great cheep therapy that I have only to open a door to have access to. This image makes me want to head out to all the salvage yards and find this and grow orchids in. I never act on this impulse as the salvage yards in Hawkes Bay are very unlikely to have anything even remotely like this and I would end up walking away feeling very disappointed!
There we have it..I think these images have posted in a better manner that the other previous ones?

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