Monday, September 29, 2008

Animal Sculpture.

Whilst in Scotland a few years ago I developed an obsession with this stone dog. I was staying at one of the most amazing hotels that I have ever had the opportunity to stay in with fab. views,service and facilities but the only thing I could see was the stone dog. There was no possible way of taking this as my souvenir, bath products would have to suffice, but a hunt was on. Finding good life like sculptures of animals is not as easy as one might think. I have viewed some dodgy creations, all of course within my price range but none as beautiful as this one.

Loch Lommond. Scotland

That was until I took my search to the internet. This coincided with finally having access to broadband. Oh how this has changed my life!
Now I can pour over as many images of top class sculpture that my wee brain can cope are some of my favorites.

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Mad for it.

So, here are a few things that help to depict what pleases my eyes. I can get quite carried away by symmetry and well managed topiary.
Horses are equal to God in my mind. Not that I am a dedicated follower of the man or JC but the beauty and form that horses take are not too far from perfection in my minds eye.
I am not one for cutesie things but I just can't seem to stop browsing for cute dog images. And hell there sure are a whole heap of them out there!!
Zebras are also an obsession of mine. One of many. I guess it makes since as they encompass symmetry and the horse all in a neat black and white package.

Then there are the Greys. Now these animals really were at the front of the queue when perfection, elegance and poise were being handed out to the dog world. These couch potatoes are an endless source of love and humor to there owners and admirers. I am lucky enough to have one who right now is curled up on the only piece of designer furniture that I own. If she wasn't there it would be my bed that she would be occupying or stretched out in the sun.

Now this one does need some explaining! Gardening has become a major part in my life over the last 5 years. It combines many disciplines that I was seriously laking in and provides great cheep therapy that I have only to open a door to have access to. This image makes me want to head out to all the salvage yards and find this and grow orchids in. I never act on this impulse as the salvage yards in Hawkes Bay are very unlikely to have anything even remotely like this and I would end up walking away feeling very disappointed!
There we have it..I think these images have posted in a better manner that the other previous ones?

Hawkes Bay views.

Te Mata Peak.
Looking down the Tuki Tuki river.

Back, after a brief dose of stage fright, creative block. Call it what you will, I was just unable to commit to posting for some reason!

I thought one way to break the ice would be to post some images of what I see every day. There isn't a day that goes by where my camera isn't used to capture the amazing beauty of Hawkes Bay. No matter what the weather is doing, there is always a photo opportunity.

We are nestled comfortably in spring right now having made it though what has to have been one of the longest coldest winters that I can remember. Although I think I claim that at the end of every winter, just can't stand the cold. Even the trusty UGG boots were little comfort.
I have to say that the photo layout facility is driving me a little nuts! I wonder if I should be loading the images up first and the complete the text? Any advice would be gratefully received.
In fact I am going to post this one and try that goes..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fridays finds.

Via Coolhunter. By DuPont.

Another day has flown by. I have been mopping the sweaty brows of my poorly family, Yuck! Now that they have both landed safely in the Land of Nod I can post today- or tonight's finds.

The top image, found on coolhunter, by DuPont.

Then whilst wondering through cyber-space and found a blog title that caught my eye. On opening it up I was greeted by the lovely image of Luna. Love the bag. Click on the link to head to the Esty store to click that 'Buy Now' button.

I am loving Blogging so far but I am still struggling to manage the perfect lay out of pictures and text quite as I want it. Mind you, as my six year old daughter tells me," Patience is a virtue Mum. " I am sure it will come! The layout and patience where computers are concerned.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a day!

Well it has been a day of learning. I have managed to move my pictures from computer to Picasa and then posting them to here with out too many dramatic outburst. Hopefully it will all become like second nature soon and I can stop filling each post with details of my learnt web-knowledge.
There are still a few things that are stopping me from posting certain vital-to -the-point pictures. I am still trying to workout how to be sure that credit for the snap/styling is given where it is due and a small blob of 'stage fright'. Both of these things I plan to have straightened out by the morning so that guilt free posting can commence.
In the mean time I leave you with some pictures to make you go 'Awww'.

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First try...patience please.

I've started so I'll finish... First post so bear with me all you seasoned Bloggers!! I think today is just going to be a practice run with attempting to load up photos and see if I really can talk to potentially no-one for long enough to call this a post!

I have always been a side-line spectator of all things fab and delicious and having stuffed my PC full of what I consider great images of interiors, products,fashion and the odd greyhound, my next move was to try my hand at a blog.

I hope you enjoy my finds, links and ideas.