Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shaping up well..

What a great start to the weekend. Oh what a difference the sun makes!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More delights from Tricia's camp.

John Rensten also deserves a wee showcase. Great ideas, very funny. The ballet shoes make me want to grab a tu-tu and stand on point! Not that I ever was interested in the past time of ballet. Perhaps I needed a photograph like this one to inspire me?

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Alec buddy, you rock!

More from Alec Hemer...

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Alec Hemer

Stumbled across Tricia Joyce's web site today and have fallen in lust with Alec Hemers work.

I love his composition and interesting angles that he takes the shots from are far from boring.

I want to move in to these rooms! For more of Alec' work and many others visit

Yum. More to follow...

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow- What a lady! Keri Smith. Both her blog and web site are a delight to navigate. The kind that will not let you leave until you are sure you have seen every corner of it at least once. Then, despite it being well past the time for making it to school without breaking the speed limit, you find yourself 'just quickly' clicking open the links page.

Listed on Keri's blog are her books that are available. I am not going to spoil the delight that you will have discovering them by describing their contents, but I will say I jumped straight over to and ordered a copy of " Living out Loud ". I am loving having this like book. Thank you Keri, you are an inspiration!

...more spring delights.

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Spring is springing!!

It is all looking fabulous around here! Many an hour is spent outdoors amongst it all. Here are some of the delights that my garden is growing.

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